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Germany BMW Tower, Munich.
Canada, Vancouver.
It seems that ghosts roam amidst these modern towers. hibis

Bad omen. The old tower is looming on the arrogant glass building, as if to cast a disastrous spell on it..hibis

Towers for a record. Cathedrals of new era, the towers do not stop rising, increasingly rich, increasingly high, with the same defiance which made sometimes collapse the first ones, pushed up at the end of man's ambition.

Middle-East and Asia offer now the most extravagant achievements and projects. Dubaï, capital of shopping. (left hand)

Twin towers
"hightech" in Dubaï.
A new capital, Putrajaya (vicinity of Kuala Lumpur), will bring up the world other "imaginations"; one counts already there the largest mosque, various reconstitutions town of Colmar, Paris bridge Alexander III. Prime minister Mohammed Mahathir said "we wished to bring the France in there".

Malaysia One speaks about hundreds of metres, 450 for the twin Petronas towers in Malaysia, the first highest of the world with 200 elevators which can rocket up the 88 floors at 6 meters/second (13 MPH). The most modern at its time but now outdated. At least for its silhouette.
Background : The Petronas towers, kind of Sugarloaf.
In Shanghai, the World Financial Center reaches 492m .
The records are measured by hundreds of meters, although the height of the decorations and antennas crowning the construction, allow to gain some precious meters.

580 meters in Seoul (2008), and nearly 800 meters in   Dubai, a triangular tower that plants its pillars in the ground to a depth of 100 meters! . Elevators reach 40kmh . (Taiwan, 500-meter tower, or 1 minute elevator). The slender aspect is misleading and the surfaces can be huge.
Welcome to the club, see (*), these tours are usually assigned to prestigious offices and hotels that are no less.

A Japanese architect is thinking of a "garden building" 1000 meters high. The thousand meters is the new challenge.

It's moving up there.  One feels rocking moves at the top of the Eiffel tower just like in the higher stages in the Montparnasse tower, in Paris (it is a little unpleasant).
hyper towers dangerously amplify this phenomenon which should then be fought very seriously.. A solutions, which makes a little shiver, consists in suspending an enormous mass at the top of the tower in the central inhabited space, a 600 tons mass (an airbus 380 max take-off load ) that, at the end of its cables, opposes and reduce the oscillations of the tower, thus limiting the effects of the wind or the earthquakes (Taiwan, a 500 meters tower). This mass could be itself controlled magnetically !!

2015. A dozen buildings with a height greater than 500 meters are in progress. The architect Adrian Smith is part of the restricted club of those who can build very tall buildings. Under construction is the Wuhan Greenland Center , 636 meters without unusable upper part (are generally unusable for too narrow).
(*) He just designed the Burj Khalifa   Dubai, 830 meters, 163 floors of apartments and offices, a hotel, planned for a 2020 exhibition, for a cost of 1.5 billion dollars.   Its most extreme project is the Kingdom Tower , in Jidda, at least 1,000 meters, 59 elevators including five double-decker, 157 usable floors, 80,000 tons of steel.
a Japanese architect's 1000 meters garden building project was expecting. Don't know anything about it.
Internet Encyclopedia "Wikipedia" presents the different skyscrapers of the world. Type the word "skyscrapers" to do the research. Different countries are to consult.

Towers in the French way. "Science et Vie, 09 2004
<> The concept of polycentric towers comes from a Denis Sloan idea from in the 1980 years. It is both simple and brilliant. His references : in 1980, project of urban expansion of Erbil in Iraq (never realized due to war); airport of Lille Lesquin, dome of Marseilles and center of telecom's of the Olympic Games of Albertville, (reconverted then in residences).

The structure is made up of several large pillars rejected towards outside which can define a triangle, a square or a circle. These pillars support small blocks of independent buildings.

- First advantage: a more solid construction and towers of very great height can be envisaged: "with eight pillars, we imagined a tower of 600 meters", ensures Peter Terrell, engineer structure, associated of Denis Sloan.

- Second advantage: all its frontages receive the natural light. With the adjustment of cuttings in the frontages (diagram of left), the unit very ventilated and is lit, even in the center.

- Third advantage: each pillar can contain elevators, staircases and all the technical equipment. There are thus as many exits as of pillars - from three to eight depending of the size of the building. In case or emergency, one can redirect people towards another pillar.

The Jean Nouvel has been choosen for the construction of  "Le Louvre" in d'Abou Dhabi and the museum National of Qatar (photo). This last is inspired from "la rose des sables", a minéral of the desert, composed of semi circular orange blades assembled in any directions. Blades are coated with a special concrete. A  parc-desert surround the whole. watched from here, you can imagine a sort of fantastic vessel in a James Bond film style.

Montpellier, architect Sou Fujimoto.
The new tower, called the White Tree, will offer large terraces connected by external stairs. & nbsp; A panoramic bar open to all will head the ensemble. The architect Sou Fujimoto, I quote : "I realized several residential projects for individuals in the United States, France and Germany. I have also received requests from India and the Philippines.
"The renovation interests me, we enter a story". "By working in different countries, one has to adapt to the local way of life. In Japan, people are not afraid to live in open spaces, to be seen. In France, it's different, families ask for more privacy.
2019: Vancouver House is a 59-story tower, twisted, but also wider at the top than at the base , as there was not much ground between park and taxiways. The lowest floors will be inscribed in a small triangle when the higher ones will benefit from penthouses. Danish architect Bjarke Ingels.

Berlin. Berlin. Ultra daring German architecture placed an aquarium around an elevator.

In the future, may be could we go up swimming ourselves toward the next way out airlock. Or attend a ballet of naiads with the new swimsuit collection..

We do not know if anyone, anxious, wanted to go out between two levels;  glou glou !

New free space not yet valued, the sea ! By making it pay, it's all profit.

Marinas and other sprawling leasure harbour gradually hide the view of the sea. It is the case in Bandol (côte d'Azur), where only remains between masts a little water at a distance. I was flabbergasted, despite having already seen the disappearance of a beautiful beach backed with a pine wood, at La Capte (peninsula of Hyères), in favor of villas with ridiculous gardens ending right in the back of swimmers, to which there is not even some dry sand left !

Huge rafts will be launched off shore in the purpose to enlarge the surface. Monaco was so enlarged to receive cruise ships; as for the projects presented below, they are, if I can say, well anchored.

Ownership of the sea. Settling over this vast expanse of free water stirs imagination.
Here is the most reasonnable of projects :
End of the housing crisis
: waiting for  floating islands projects, "Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts advance offers to buy an apartment from 80 to 800 square meters on the flagship of the seas, which will sail between l'Antarctic and the Amazon, just to pass the time. Prices would be very reasonable, so hurry up. The tranquility is priceless. Per square meter will cost just under 40,000 euros. Don't ask the amount of charges, it would be mean.

   minimal, naturel, blockhaus..

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