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this page,   frontages - doors  ; Bretagne, Provence, abroad

France, Bretagne (Brittany)
. A certain French style ? very smart. hibis
hibis This former decorated door has a false mirroir that allows to see outside without being seen. I got inside.. to ssee ! house is exquisite. and the inside surprising, much more large than we expected, but also because the mirror.
L'aménagement intérieur est surprenant. hibis
a rather narrow door, up to a staircase. hibis

delicate woodworking marine style. hibis

One day, a sailor has dropped down his marine bag right here.

meaning, number ONE
Click !  Take your time and have a look at this perfect small house. "mousse" means in French, ship's boy. "ker" is a Breton word for a landlord home, meaning chez (at). ker is normally followed by the family name of the landlord. (ex: ker Guilvinec). "ker mousse" is a humour blink. Window curtain embroidered with a delicate sailboat.

XVIIe century Breton door

hibis Courtyard entry, Brittany north island.


Brittany; a beautiful door framing, but very low..

The Sables d'olonne (France, Atlantic) : a very special modern door, sea adorned, up to a few steps. Surprising, the letter box has been set at the bottom of the door.

A thoughtful for the factor which would not have to climb the steps ?  see next row
In fact, there are many others like that, even without steps, and thus almost to the ground !
Explanation given: there were no box the past and the apertures would have damaged the doors, most often glazed. So much for the convenience, and the spine of the postman..

La Provence (France) has experienced numerous influences (people as Ligurians, Celts, Etruscans, Romans, Moors and Byzantines, but also Royal (Counts of Provence, former realm of Provence-Bourgogne), religious: (popes)... But it is in the shade of a platane, at a corner of a quiet square that you will appreciate it as the best way. Sundials (cadrans solaire)? see also at "not so funny",  mid page.

Treasures are to be discovered in villages that have still preserved their naturalness. The place where one knows how to live in the shade of a plane tree, sitting at the corner of a quiet place. Provence is also Provencal furniture, decorative arts, pottery and objects.
La Provence, c'est aussi le mobilier provençal, les arts décoratifs, poteries et objets.
Here was born Etienne, the brave "tambour d'Arcole". (Arcole drummer), a Napoléon story, in Arcole, Italle. The young hero allowed to cross a bridge although everything was desperate.. hibis

here is a new door.. hibis


Jean Baptitse d'Ornano, Maréchal de France.

A beautiful restored Roman big door at the "maison carrée" (square house), in Nîmes (Provence, France).

 and its impressive hinges.
Inside door of a church, at the time of prosperity.

Basque country (France)

Alike the style maure ? maure is a Spain alteration of the musliem style.   hibis
Spain Basque Extension linked to our Basque country, the small Spanish town of Fontarabie (Funtarrabia and Hondarribia (Spanish Basque), show a row of extraordinary houses and Basque buildings.
Here is my favorite. Two heads are engraved at the bottom (the first owners).
A delicate door adorned with wrought iron. A peephole open on the large charming square.. 

Canada, Germany

A very wealthy Company (Vancouver) hibis

Double door, upstairs.


Flowery ; One of my favourites. Not easy to shot. hibis
Is the postman shortsighted ? hibis

Can they put one mail box more ?

hibis Germany, Hanse


   Povence charm doors, special ones..

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