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this page: Urban arts - decors, murals, roundabouts..
This artist from the streets of London became known for his criticism of society through wall illustrations in the streets of London.
Or its irreverent illustrations, including this one representing a Bobby urinating against the wall. Real ! "Le Monde 2".
Also the author of this one, in Paris,
a special satirical translation
 of the French cancan
nearly Brittany. hibis Colette

Basque country. Dare the color seems to say this dike of which some rocks are painted. hibis
Commemorative sewer plates..
Here, at the church of Saint Jean de Luz, at the height of the city prosperity, thanks to its maritime activity, was celebrated the marriage of Louis XIV with the Infanta Maria Theresa of Austria, eldest daughter of the King of Spain, Philip IV, in the agreement with Mazarin in 1659 to put an end at the interminable war between France and Spain.
A few steps away from the church of Saint Jean de Luz.


A bronze tortoise that grazes grapes? it's Bordeaux.   Animals are everywhere in the spotlight: a bronze crocodile in Nîmes, geese for the homeland of foie gras, insects elsewhere. hibis

With them, the circulation is more fluid, It is true, and lights and their electric wiring are saved. They are beautiful these roundabouts, with their masses of flowers, vegetation, blocks of stone, boats, and works of art. More and more works of art. Increasingly expensive.
There are so much of them  that we feel dizzy, being in pain to find our way. So much it seems there are no longer roads. One goes from a roundabout to another roundabout, between two suburban areas and commercial ones.
Roundabouts and also bumps. In France, one turns left and one jumps. It as been noted that the tires wore badly. It was a progress, it could be in some place a nightmare.
But I must admit that traffic is generally much more fluid than it would be with so many fires. Mainly at the rush hours in the main stream, so worse for the side others

Neither traffic lights nor roundabout. It's an experience of a Dutch daring mayor having swept off all the traffic lights of his small town in the railway station area, to solve permanent jams. The success had been immediate, although raising some disputes. There are small towns in France that do not have any traffic lights. Only simple triangle prority signs.

Massif Central : Left hand, in Chamalières, city of M. Giscard d'Estaing, a former French President.   Water run down from the jarres..  hibis

Nearby Clermont Ferrand, there is Vulcania, a center dedicated to volcanism. So, this roubabout volcano shaped is a very good idea. In volcanic stones, of course. I like it !. hibis

Normandy (Normandie). This work picture a man said "the pebble man" which pick up them.. hibis

absurd! The speed of entry on the roundabout is sometimes indicated: 50 and even 70 km / h! why not 90 road .. So how to interpret the sign "triangle", at that speed, which means "let the priority." especially on a small roundabout (50!). I almost stop. Some have solved the difficulty and go back to 80 km / h by forcing the passage..
What could it be, a merry go round with real cars ?  Or a circular parking lot around a roundabout ?  Basque coast, a crowded day in a place known for surfing. hibis
Highway trash can for experienced litter throwers
Located on the outway ramp of an highway area, you must have prepared the package in order to throw it into the huge gaping mouth. As it is unknown, nobody is throwing anything ! Not suitable for right wheel drive cars. hibis

Basque country (Euskal Herria).
An original shrub shape for this roundabout, towards Espelette..


   garbage cans, ugliness and negligene.

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