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this page,   devotion - Byzantine churches,  architectural style

Judaic and Christian religions (Judaeo-Christian).
Number in the world : Judaïc, 15 millions - Christian, 2 milliards (of which for this last one, roughly 60% protestant, 20 % orthodox)

God is the creator, the powerful, as in the religions with multiple gods (Greek-Roman, Polynesian...). God created everything, whose Eden, it is everywhere and sees everything, joining in that the animists (the gods or spirits are everywhere, in the forest, the trees, water, animals (this last point is personal)..

Hebrew patriarch, born in Chaldea (supposed XIX century B.C). Father of Isaac, Ishmael and the Jewish nation. According to the Bible, God asked him for the sacrifice of his own son in order to test his faith : an angel stopped its arm whereas it was on the point of doing it..

Byzantium, Constantinople and Istanbul three names for he same city.
The oriental Byzantine art spread in the whole Europe within the XVII et XVIII century.
Bulbs are the symbol of the Byzantine art.. Covered of gold or painted in blue with scattered gold stars, like these ones, they vary their colours and patterns like in Moscow, sort of Disneyland for our sheer pleasure, without any discredit..

All these glamorous bulbs sorbet ice cream shaped do not match at all with the bottom part of the construction that is an ugly mix of anything elevated against a nearly nude white wall toped in a arch. May be it has been added lately..
The Muslim "butter" croissant. The Ottoman conquest that followed the Byzantine empire, ended in front of Austria. As a commemorative victory, a "Viennese" pastry was proposed : the croissant. . Think at it at the breakfast ! 

Diamant studded spirals, glamorous colours, gives an idea of works variety. Here, the architecture is more homogeneous. (catalog)

Pure style for these two orthodox churches with their surprising black bulbs; here in Tallin, Estonia. All the top is black and white.

TV France5.
And in Riga, Leetonia soviet Balte States liberated since 1990, after a long 1988 human chain.

Chyprus. Orthodox church. (catalogue)
I have seen some like this but my shot from a bus is not very good. It was a smaller, very pretty one.

Orthodox church in Cyprus. The core, at the bottom is a flat metallic golden panel, embossed/stamped of patterns and favorite Saints of the place. hibis
Cyprus. Detail of the core entirely decorated with characters and saints embossed/stamped on golden metallic plates. Some peinted faces,or photo style old pictures appear inside a round/oval cut in the metal. People touch or kiss slightly one or several pictures.

Paris. "Le Sacré Coeur". Byzantine Inspired, its a mix of styles, quite successful.
Chance of travel made me pass this whimsical bysantine composition hibis

    cathedrals and catholic churches -  see also Abrahamic religions.

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