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this page,  devotion -  Catholic cathedrals and churches


The Christian era begin with the birth of Jesus-Christ in Judaea; announced by the prophets of Israel, it is the Messiah, the Redeemer, son of God made man to redeem the humanity of its sins. At the Christ death, the apostle St Pierre becomes bishop of Rome while St Paul spread the divine word. Rome ends up converting itself and the Roman church found the Catholicism, placed under the authority of the Pope. In 1054, the East separates (orthodoxe church), then Luther (Germany), found the Protestant church at the XVI century, followed by France (with Calvin) and England (church Anglican). (Larousse). Only the catholic religion has a hierarchical organization. It was never accepted that the Jews kill the Christ.  (see "some more")

Stained glass windows, sculptures.   For the record, we know that notables or rich people were placed on the stained glass windows. There is no point in trying to identify all the saints. Similarly, towards the heights or in some discreet corner, the sculptures were not all dedicated to the world of the faith. The artist placed there on occasion his loved or settled his accounts with his supervisor.
The sculptures of portals, frescoes and corbels, often show  terrified monsters but also crushed bodies or sprained heads. feet by the saints, who sometimes hold a sword or a spear. No doubt the image of good against evil or the triumph of faith. It is also a representation of the Bible, saga of betrayals, murders, massacres (brothers, newborns and so many others).


Cathedrals have a symbolic labyrinth, drawn flat on the floor of the transept.  As complex as they are, far from going astray as in any good labyrinth, we are systematically guided to the center .

The roofs of churches and cathedrals were at the beginning made up of beautiful classical frameworks supporting flat stones or tiles.
The fires were so devastating that the builders decided to build stone "ceilings" self-locking in a vault.
But vault has to be contained .
At first, with Romanesque art, this was achieved by thick walls and reinforcements, and few small openings. Gothic art, which has imagined a kind of skeleton, has left us these masterpieces of chiseled stones up to lace, their admirable stained glass windows and rosettes. No architect strictly speaking, but master craftsmen have acquired knowledge on the job which, added to their quality and daring led them sometimes to disaster.

Barcelona Cathedral .(catalog)
Crossed Gothic style warheads, which allows a lightening of the walls and many and large openings compared to the Romanesque style. See also cathedrals (additional history and techniques)


Intersecting ribs, elegant technical solution to the problem of connecting scrolls, have sometimes complicated to the extreme;   left hand, for the church of Pertuis. Here is a very rich version, right.
Click for this marvel, but which only supports the heart (St Jean de Luz)  

The Catholic religion surrounds itself with pomp and gold for the love of Lord and the Virgin. The purple color (Cardinals ..) came from the murex, shell of hot seas.

Espagne, The Macarena. (postal card)

Saint Peter of Rome . Click! We really can not realize the dimensions. The guide simply told us that the letters at the top right are 3 meters high, while they seem much less given the height, the space that I think I can shelter Note Dame de Paris ..
Here is preserved, among other masterpieces, the admirable sculpture of the young Michelangelo, The Pieta , unfortunately difficult to photograph (argentic film). hibis

France, St Jean de Luz. Cathedral where was celebrated the marriage of Maria Teresa of Spain and Louis XIV.

Holy Virgin hibis


Mexico.Gold abundance. hibis

Mexique (magasine)

Mexique revue "Bon Voyage"(disparue depuis)
Espagne, Barcelone (catalogue)
La sagrada familia : one could classify "the new" church of Barcelona in the baroque style, but it is a creation of Gaudi, Catalan architect (1852-1926). Almost completed in 2002 ?  magazine

At the top of what is sometimes described like cement run-outs, these spires are quite original and gay. magazine.(Catalogue). But we an't see them from the ground !!

Vitraux modernes encadrés de Saints.

Our churches were once places of life, meeting or refuge for travelers. No mass was celebrated there.

There were no benches or chairs and they were open to everyone. Travelers, merchants, lovers came to shelter or settle their affairs, in the image of the Temple of Jerusalem, rebuilt several times. According to the Bible, it was because he was dealing with things that were not compatible with the sanctity of the place that Jesus had him evacuated temple merchants).

Pays Basque (basse Navarre), La Bastide Clairance : Basque country (Basse Navarre), La Bastide Clairance. This church is surrounded with a gallery and that is not so usual ! its cemetery is in immediate vicinity.. They say that at the beginning, deaths were buried inside churches ; later, due to the lack of room, graveyards were first established closely, then away.  hibis

Originally located in front and around the church, tombs are here inside a gallery. hibis

Lots of bones are found in the ground of churches testifying of the previous practice : in bigger ones or Cathedrals, there are even partitioned basements..

La Bastide Clairance : A wooden three circle gallery is not so widespread in France. However, one can see similar ones in St Jean de Luz, a very interesting little harbour, on the Basque coast, which is worth walking on the harbour, along the sea or strolling on the streets were wander about lots of spanish people ! . hibis
Unique in Europe, it is the Bishop of Bayonne who defines this arrangement "in theater", around 1558, for lack of money they said. The vault is very small.

A very natural cemetery, where beautiful stones are in the spotlight, planted or even lying down hibis hibis
These stones are engraved following the curves and defects of the stone, without any surfacing. Baltic Germany.

  typical churchs and chapels -  See also the three main religions

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