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    • Home kitchen/else; devices, tips/tricks, arrange, tidy, appliances, hygiene/life, decoration, trip
    • Home environment car, bike, dogs/cats, construction, garden..
    • DIY Painting, gluing, fix things oneself (of which electricity), usual works, to bond, dismantle, restaure..
    • Technical PC-Windows and environment, pixels - Photo - practical Electricity (understanding), electromagnetism, special electric motors..
  • global summary

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summary for, "HOME"

Ci-dessous : Anything that goes wrong and bother us.
Houshold, kitchen (room) household appliances, Bathroom, Well being, health, Light and serious affections, Déco ideas, Party ideas and fun - Trip (preparartin, journey, animals, beach, sun - English-French - robbery, assault, agression - Jardin, bâtiment, Animaux anglais-français..).

Houshold, kitchen (room)
ustensiles, difficulties, ergonomics, efficaciency, lids - cleaning, tips.

food industrial perfumes and chemistry, taste and sight, water, the wine  -  next ecological production (only in French,translate with Google.

Layout, putting away, servicing frames, formwork - plates, lids, large dishes - cases, suspensions, rails - shoe horns, laces, clothes..

household appliances microwave - refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, vacuum cleaner - security (power leak , flood, lightning) - malfunctions (analysis).
Bathroom , water (save), hygiene and wc; spiders, towels, shower (curtain), smells, clean-cure, leaks, seals (bathtub, flush..) - hygiene.
Well being, health.
Body care; balance and waistband, waist, movements, yoga - do not overgrow the profiteers.

Light and serious affections.
Mild incapacity, to put on/take off shoes, compression stockings - small sores (cuts, cracks, bites..) - to strangle, suffocate - disease (cancer).


Déco ideas and more. . achievements; natural adornments - effects of paint (color, darkness, reflects) - the frame banks - period furniture and style - .

- next 1 natural and nature (painting and paper gluing), garden next 2 wrapping an armchair - poster as a view - hidding shelves - hidding things (water boiler, electricity meter, tubes..).


Travel preparation and stay. Paperwork, lists, suitcases (tidy clothes, group hangers..), car, cat - conceal at the hotel.
See also "robbery, assault, agression on the outside".

 , beach, sun
Security : keys, paperwork, parasol, sun protection, protection index ..)

Shopping : clothing sizes - the right length of pants.



Party ideas and fun decorations, dishes, tongs launching contest, children's corner.


Veronica's phrases book mainly with phrases - unusual ! nearly half the book free on the screen, without trap, chapters by chapters : More than 70,000 English/American words of which a good many half collected with their native sentences.
Although it is dedicated to French, entries are in english with their meaning in French.

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