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  • theme summary
    • Home kitchen/else; devices, tips/tricks, arrange, tidy, appliances, hygiene/life, decoration, trip
    • Home environment car, bike, dogs/cats, construction, garden..
    • DIY Painting, gluing, fix things oneself (of which electricity), usual works, to bond, dismantle, restaure..
    • Technical PC-Windows and environment, pixels - Photo - practical Electricity (understanding), electromagnetism, special electric motors..
  • global summary

  BRICOLO - Do It Yourself = (DIY)


Glues and how to glue
kind of glues, classification, usage on dufférent materials, odds usages,  cleaning; tests and comments.


brushes or rolls  handle, to paint clean, put "in pause" - cleaning the bruches, preserve the paint pot - colours, influence- tools, decoration - before painting, rusty surfaces.

Questions (setting the paper rolls on walls, where to cut them. Also to pose tiles on the floor).

 Fixing things ourselves
Substitute a small pin (umbrella rod, wrist clock, binoculars, etc) - Usages of a credit card (wedge..) to fix/ repair, dismantle (simples opening, observation, broken parts, zips, fuses, batteries box - Doors that rub, wedge, squeak) Plumbery : taps, flushing, eplacement of sealing  - Water sparing


To improve, restaurate.
Procedure to improve usage of things - refit, fill in - plastic paste in grain, credit card, wood, corks - To patch up chips and cracks on walls, paperwall, furniture. objects, rekindle colours - Spoiled, broken, dented porcelain, crokery (earthenware) - Reconstitute chair or cupboord legs, clay pots.

Usual works.
To position, tighten (clamp, belt, pliers, unskid mat, rubber, knots  - to nail, screw , plug, glue - To saw, drill, pre-hole..


Basic both technical and tools.

to saw, file, grind (grinding stone), scrape, sand, polish - useful small tools


Sorry, only in French for a time, try to tranlate some items with Google or Deepl. Saving parts of stuff and gears, but which ones ?    Is it so smart..


Dismantle, reconstitute, replace.
cracking clipsed objects, broken pieces, doors, restaurate (spoiled, broken, dented parts : chair legs, cabinets, scratches, chips, dents on furnitures, tiles .. colours to be refurbished..


Fixing electricity.

batteries, reloading batteries, remote control, > connexion test, power cord, plugs and sockets, fuses, washing machines -  tin soldering technique (soldering wires, connexionx, batteries, printed circuits).
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