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Fire Safety (origin of fire, precautions, detector) - Prepare oneself dissimulate (hide papers, notes, objects, keys ; unpublished personal ideas) - Intrusion (windows, doors) - Security  (hidding sensitives small objects) - Theft and Assault (care, defence) Distrust, Defense

Fire. Smoke detectors are not fighting the fire but should allow you to escape in time. At best you could start to struggle with a blanket or a fire or (placed nearby the kitchen). It is better to get ready just in case of, always knowing where his papers and cards are put away, a minimum of warm or rain clothes depending on the weather. A blanket first because it is the simplest, the most effective, no causing any damage, provided it can be use in time. We just threw it on the fire not yet extended. The extinguisher, with generallypowder, acts remotely on a larger fire, but it causes damages. The powder is spreadingeverywhere and it is a difficult task afterwards to get rid of it. The powder is so fine that whenopening a fire extinguisher, she immediately rises likea smoke.
The sprinklers are powered by a pressurized capsule, whose weight must verify each year (weighing letters scale), so it is better to buy it with a pressure gauge indicator. When the pressure or the weight of the capsule are inadequate, it should be renewed. In addition, the powder tends to settle down and it is good to roll the fire extinguisher on the side while tapping it gently on the floor protected by a thick fabrics or thin mattress.

Causes of fire "predictable", ways to reduce the risk : many fires have originated in the kitchen with the gas flame or oil spillage and inflammation. As one is touched ourselves with the oil at the same time, it is not easy to fight against the blaze. A fire extinguisher at hand is of course desirable, but it would also be advised to have a blanket nearby or a thick garnment because it's faster to drop it on the flames, and very effective, also making less damage than the extinguisher powder.
Outside the kitchen, in addition to candles, matches, consider electrical outlets, multiple sockets, power supplies (radio, alarm clock etc..) Battery chargers, extension cords (often defective or not disconnected), supply panel (fuses with poor contact that heat).
Check that all these contacts do not heat simply by putting your hands on, and observing them (burnt plastic, brown or black areas). The contacts that heat can melt the plug and cause a short circuit. Makeshift connections, electrical leaks etc. see also a href="Physi-b3.htm">Physics 3, electrical hazards.

Check the connections of devices connected to it (washing machines, stove, ovens which we do not see the catch) and doesn't watch on the sole fryer because the toaster may ignite the bread ! then the plastic or paint, a piece of paper or fabric (sleeve..) and it is a starting fire.
Finally, beware of the curtains, they are a good starting point for making a fire if a spark or a nearby outlet (likely also by the lightning).

Smoke detector. They are not recommended in the kitchen, where the big danger is located, but if the location is away enough from any cooking appliance or toaster (!), one can try to place it. One can also place it near the devices, but in an adjoining room (I did it, but bored a hole near the ceiling in the panel). Two distances are to be respected (from corner and ceiling). Several alarms are better, in bedrooms or technical rooms should be placed Smoke alarms should be supplemented with CO detectors (carbon dioxide, tasteless and odourless that kill surely when a fire or a combustion heater, gas included, is incorrectly set (incomplete combustion), or when vents were blocked, what is very common in winter. CO. detectors are more expensive. If you can, they are equally essential, if not more. After cooking, it is recommended put fire detectors near the bedrooms. Thinking at corners Do It Yourself crafts (welding, electrical equipment) and workshops or basements.

Preserve - Protect. Think at what is the most important to get out with you without having to search about. A house burns in minutes and a building a little more time. This leaves you little time to round up some things. Example of important documents: deeds, invoices, financial records, debts,  copies of driving license, passport, car registration, insurances, related photos of furniture and household goods, These documents may be placed in a cupboard at floor level, not in height, by studying the physical setting for the fire - and if hazardous gases as invisible - may suddenly turn on another place apparently healthy. The bank or safe insulated are also a good choice. In a detached house, put them in the basement. It is important to find the invoices and pictures to your insurance that is quite underestimated and even refute your evidence.

Take your time to draw an summary of all you own, room after room in order to list and evaluate the value (purchase value and current value) because the first proposal from your insurance could be a tenth of that !  If you have a contract "replacement value", you are in a better position to deal with. Because they practice an allowance for obsolescence that will leave you nothing. Even with "replacement value", it is outdated for what is technical and interpretation of the term to rest. A conciliation specialist is often necessary, especially if you have any numerical evidence. Do not make the original or a signed statement detailing the submissions. And make copies before  !   beware of good feelings, sympathy, understanding and "we are honest". This is the time to read your contract in detail (under magnification), and seek clarification.

Save our life. If the staircase is at risk or if there are too many stories without access to an nearby emergency external stair, it is strongly advised to stay in a room and thoroughly wet the door by applying cloths on !  at the hotel, certainly, but at home, if the fire is yet rather fierce in the kitchen, the best would take refuge in the bathroom, or at least keep access to it, to be able to wet an insulation gate. It is known that people die in the elevator or the stairwell trying to escape as rising gas ignite spontaneously in areas unaffected by the fire. I watched movies on this subject and what I tell here come from them. These deadly gases can jump then ignite several floors upstairs, or spread in a place away from the flames, that seems secure . That is why it is imperative never opening a window or a closed door if nothing is closed back, because any air supply boots the fire. Makes yourself remark by signs behind the window, without opening it for not a breath of fresh air.

If the fumes are makes you coughing, try to put a fabric on your mouth and keep down on the floor because gas elevated.

Getting out. There are buildings equipped with an emergency staircase outside. There are deployable small scales, but it will not fall very far, nor knotted sheets. Some convicts have escaped prison and it is utopian. A knotted rope of proper diameter can also be considered for purchase. We must think and prepare by studying the physical setting and possibilities if the fire would come from his own apartment to get down to the floor below if there is balcony. The fire is progressing up and you must fly down or taking refuge quickly on the terrace - or the roof - where one can eventually be rescued. A reconnaissance and access opportunities or down is always useful and the question may be raised at union council. Often, you can not see anything soon. A filter before the figure will breathe easier.

A reconnaissance of different access and stairs  is always useful to detect obstacles or anomalies; do not just trust the people in charge of that, is there is one. I did it myself for an institution, despite the presence of a security officer, and I had noticed that an emergency exit door was locked,  down a narrow staircase without railing : people were going to crush themselves, falling to this pit and die there !  Consider also all that is so quick, you can not see anything and that the emergency lights should be on the ground and not upside as is always the case. These insights weaklings are likely to be useless and only new powerful diodes guidelines batteries properly maintained would be effective. Have a good flashlight with you, quite powerful, LED preferably with battery loaded, is not superfluous.

Prepare oneself.
First thing : out of sight, the thief is relax : in a detached  house, avoid to much high hedges or anything that may conceal. Let also a possibility of view for the neighbours on the backyard, even reduced, for that also offer a nice contact with them while passing by. Doors and windows : do not leave any key in the lock and hide the others. Block closures and locks so that they can't be handled through a hole they would make. Sliding doors, blocking by the groove ; reinforce doors, especially the double doors which are usually very vulnerable. Block or impede access by the balconies. Reinforce especially back access by strengthening the internal locks and think also at the standard spacing of the bars if ones (for the insurance). Details to know more

Concealing small items, valuable papers, credit card, money, jewellery. Those who have a good and heavy safe, can even read what follows. First of all, does not hide too much because you would take the risk to never recover or even forget !   Look for some rather personal idea. To those who fancy for holes in the wall, bore them at the very higher or at the very lower location.

Here is what is to be avoided : hiding under the bed, mattress, sheets, towels, behind radiators, paintings, books, in the cleaning products (except if trick), flushing, drum the washing machine, microwave oven, pots (flour, pasta..), toilet kits, under the drawers (except double thin bottom ) because they all empty, throw on the ground, overturned.

Intrusion (doors, windows). Do not leave jewels on the side bed table or in the bathroom. If the robber is not too much in hurry, he put down the drawers, empties the racks, goes in the bathroom and the rooms by seeking especially money, credit cards, jewels or valuable electronic gears. If they are professionals who settle straightforwardly at home, they know that they have got time and you have valuable articles and there is nothing to do : all is emptied or carried, even the pots of jam and boxes of slides !!. wall linings and parquet floors torn off were even seen, but it is exceptional.

Friends of mine were burglarised (old jewels and pieces of furniture), just after having an armoured door posed. Where do they get information ??  Be cautious. Others lost everything, up to photographs (nothing was left). The Third friends were burglarised three times without nothing being stolen (disturbed, they left precipitately or could not cope with the reinforcement of the shutters they made).

All what can delay or obstruct the robbers is to be implemented (reinforce and especially block the closings of the windows or shutters : screw on the casement bolts, bar (mainly on the backyard), so that if the robber breaks the pane or makes a hole, he cannot open while passing his hand through. Sliding panes : even the day, put removable wooden bars in the grooves so that the principal panel can just open a little (to air the room for instance), and any arm can reach the handle. Hiding the keys will avoid you to buy another lock ; hide also those of the car if it is a keen model (not only Ferrari bus currently certain "small ones" are usually stolen ; indeed, new thieves of cars act either in open circulation, or at the residence. Mook back : some of them follow you up to your home and await the opportunity : once arrived at home, our neighbour thus had his two racing cycles stolen; despite they were fixed behind the car).

Even if you are at home, in open day, are wary and do not let your bag in the entry. In house, too high hedges dissimulate the robbers. See also " Brico 11 hotel".

> Letter box. Do not let accumulate the mail in your letter-box if you can make removed by a neighbour, relative or friend. Setting linen in the garden can only have a limited effect, just as half-open shutter, that can even be a sign for the professionals ! you risk in addition to confront a problems with your insurance, one of them has claimed that the shutters had not been closed at the time of a temporary absence (absence for shopping); fortunately, hey didn't gain in the trial ; another claimed that a small back window did not have bars whereas the robbery had taken place by effraction of the front door !!. Alas, all this bad behaviour of insurers is quite real. If you live alone, do not let it appears on the plate of entry or on the letter-box, read  Mr. and Mrs ..

Malicious visits methods, distrust means of countering) First precaution, lock your door. In movies, the door is always open, and many people, especially in detached houses, do not lock it ! In apartment, equip doors to see and hear the visitor (video, "porter", or single peephole). When the door is open, it's too late, especially for the elderly or weak. . And do not be fooled by appearances, sympathy or words. a wedge to prevent slipping on the floor as you push the foot before opening. Optionally, add a manual alarm  side. If you need or want to open in doubt, place an obstacle in the lobby - table, console, chair etc., so they can easily pass behind you. Think ahead to get a powerful alarm system controlled by button (well positioned if we are pushed). "It's the neighbour, the electrician, the plumber  (check gas leak, water, problems with electrical wiring, leaking roof or anything (they have the imagination and what are their favourite proposal). Neither "police" or anything, should not convince you. The police can enter your home with a warrant requisition issued by a judge. The costume is not enough; do not be fooled, even by the police (they know how to dress).
Conventional attack: "It is for an enquiry, a control", even they are in the name of television service, health, mayor. Be firm, do not let intimidating.
Conventional attack: No lobbyists, vendors, workers artisans anything, including works of art or rare books we can no longer find nowadays. Use extra caution if they are two, even a woman or young. One tells you a story while the other has passed and searches in the rooms. "lobbyists" also  try to look inside to prepare another visit.
Prepared Attack: for example, they have called before or put a flyer in the mailbox,  then they rang a few days later you ask if you have not had a call or mail: "it is precisely why we come, there were complaints" and they introduce themselves as a unit to fight against them, an excuse that allows them to enter your home. They have other shots that we must defeat.

At the work, office. We are rather confident there but we are not right. Do not leave anything of value, specially at the lunch time.

Theft and Assault Outside. Caution minimum for your bags and wallets. A pickpocket knows how to take your wallet in your jacket pockets or pants. By creating a diversion, only (e) or with a sidekick, like a stampede, suddenly, a cry, or wanting to show you something, or even seemingly protecting you against something (look at, beware of..). In the back pocket is a snap. Many people still use it yet. I met an American who was robbed and a fat wallet.
Parking lots (of which commercial centres). On the parking lot of a supermarket, an office colleague has had her bag stolen in her car. Someone has remarked that "she got down without a bag ! Think that everywhere people we don't see observe quietly.

On a vacation, outdoors, there was one day a large and noisy character, sympathetic, told diners at a history of endless credit card theft, so missed the bus, with a whole series of circumstances that were hilarious much laughter. I suspected something and looked around me and behind, but there was nobody. His wife, wearing a loose dress and bouffant was working during that time and asked where there were toilets. I caught a little pocket in the side pocket of my shorts; applying my principles of precaution, there was very little money and my credit card was safe, but it hurts. Separate property is a wise precaution not to lose everything

My wallet is now reduced to a small pouch attached to the belt (a few notes, credit cards or others, address in case of accident, people to call. Papers are in another bag. (driving license, addresses, checks book etc.). We only have two or three checks with us. To secure a pocket, think of the safety pin that I use since I'm done. A pin in the middle of the opening of the pocket (nothing in the back pocket of trousers). That also guarantees against accidental loss, especially when travelling. Maintain strongly embraced bags and  appliances, especially in frequented spots, and when someone or a group is approaching. We have thus seen a group of girls and boys who tried to surround us (in Vaison la Romaine, France). We clamped ours things against our chests. One of them put his arm behind me to distract me but I reacted, telling the boys to go away;  they saw that they were unmasked and that we reacted.  The grub is also on the fly, a scooter or motorcycle. One woman has even been dragged along the ground.
On the road or parked. The  diversion !!.  Various techniques are used to seize a car or require money or a credit card.
Regular process Bump the car from the rear behind or while pushing the reverse gear, bumping your car on the front ! inevitably you get out to check the damage, meanwhile another person starts your car ; the first one quickly joined it. Others start urinate on it, or divert your attention while you are opening the trunk !  don't get out or remove the keys. Regular process : in Italy, people had their luggage robbed in the trunk of their car, just the time of spinning back to reply at a person who hailed them !  In Spain, in a touristy area, a friend of me was distracted by a person who reported something upward. He realized after he was more interested in the car (if something was at hand span, on the seat, the rear deck).
There are still usually at least two men if not more. Open the eye while parking your car and coming back in some places (generally parking lots, tourist attractions..) If anything is alerting you, wait to someone passing by, start and drive elsewhere watching the cars nearby. Some cars have the possibility to remotely open only the driving door. Take care nobody can open a door and get in the back seat.
Violence at the traffic lights at a red light. It is recommended to lock its doors, especially in certain lights. The violence of the attack leaves you little choice except to try to keep one leg projected, because once the door opened, one of the attackers held the amounts and gives violent kicks those who hold their purse. It is therefore imperative not to glimpse a handbag, wallet and so on. Parked the car windows were broken at the back or sides if anything is visible. While in the trunk, in cupboards, under the seats. It is best to leave nothing important, especially if the site is isolated or tourism.

Think that everywhere people you don't see watch out. Do not load the trunk of your car outside or in a row of private garage, the eve of departure. We learned that in a small family mountain resort of the Alps, trunks have been broken for that !

Self Defence. Older people have make flee their abuser, clutching their bags, struggling , shouting very loud or kicking them. We do not think or we do not dare to bite because it is animal behaviour, but when it relates to your own life safety or physical integrity, everything is permitted and the solution is radical (if n is not knocked helplessly); Bite  savagely : jaw is what was more powerful, capable of defeating anyone. Hands, ears and nose are the most sensitive and most accessible. First the hand trying to snatch the bag or catch you. It may be sufficient to lower or turn his head to. One expert says that a simple set of keys can defend themselves !  Unexpected but true: firmly held in hand, the keys can seriously injure and disrupt an aggressor. We can both significantly improve their effectiveness while benefiting from an increased security, with a light common accessory. For privacy reasons, I only give the solution, very simple, on request. to ask (free).

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