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this page, Travel preparation - documents, suitcases, car, animals...
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official paper - small material - preparing the luggage - secure - animals - car../div>

- official papers. Credit card, car key, animal health, insurances number.. Do think at making copies of your documents: vehicle registration, driver's license number, healf security, ID card, passport, plane ticket. Keep them with you or in the car (except for the key!). Not in a suitcase placed in luggage (plane). Another set can be also kept at home, but take care at the update !
They can be useful in case of loss, and will facilitate obtaining a provisional authorization while waiting to be redone. They can also scan with the computer to have easy access to other copies (to quickly find the serial number of the car for repairs or ordering parts).

- A light carboard covered with transparent plastic, with addresses and phone numbers to call in case of an incident or accident (children, parents, friends, neighbors). Not to mention arriving where you stay !

By plane: a set of garments with you in the hand luggage (standard size please inquire); select the clothes that you prefer such as sub-vets parts, a minimum set trouser-skirt-shorts, sweat-shirt, sweater -Mac or jacket (usually you have these with you). Drugs, audio-video-photo. Not to be totally helpless if the luggage is lost.

- Health and body. medicine, paracetamol, alcohol bottle, disinfectant (soaked gauze, mercurochrome ..) Dermophil small pot of Indian dressing.

Safety pin, pin, tweezers quality (beaks) and small magnifying glass (for splinters, thorns, darts ..), nail clippers, scissors for embroidery. Glasses (check the small screws, even on new!), Eye relief, eye patch (boat trips), contact lenses and products, razor, small round mirror, issues, sunscreen or care.

- Small equipment: batteries, battery charge, charger (also for mobile), film, memory cards, plastic bags (freezer bag 18 * 25 cm or more, very useful to protect camera/ video projections of water by boat, and to store or consolidate "the little bazaar". Provide clips or rubber bands to close them.

Rubber bands, a cord to attach (the power of glasses can be used). One or two credit cards expired, to fold or cut to wedge a chair, stop vibration, pinch, scrape, etc. to troubleshoot. is steep and very useful. (See 1 Brico and Brico 3, uses a credit card);

- Small tools: small designer-nose pliers, round short (25 mm), a pair of scissors short and strong (like nail polish for toes). A small knife or pocketknife.

- Miscellaneous: tape, glue. Small pots or trays, Pick up a possibly useful to group all the small bazaar: pencils, gum, keys, money, nail clippers..

- Preparing the luggage can appear tiresome; thus draw a list >of specific clothing, objects, drugs, small tools or small equipment, which will be specialized for the summer, the winter, the sport, or according to your usual destinations. With regard to the small equipment, drugs, tools, small pockets, I have two big transparent boxes in which they are permanently arranged (example; domestic travel-iron, straps, pins, certain tools (have two of them : short and strong chisel, tiny pliers and screwdriver), ping pong balls and racket, diving glasses, aid (alcohol, certain drugs or basic commodities : stomach, small dermophile Indian pot, bandages, pins, tiny chisel, little magnifier..). See yourself what is not daily to much useful and thus can be gathered and stored, but not hidden in a remote place so that you can use some item or drug occasionally). Think also to draw a lists which will include/understand also what it is necessary to check with the house (water, electricity, gas, shutters and security..), pets, and with your neighbour).

- Bags/suitcases ; hardly finished, one starts digging out through the stuff ! lay out all that you need beside the bag >, clothing folded and prepared in heap (if you have place, of course) and fill the bag at the last moment. A good solution consists in putting the shirts, sweats.., by three or four of them into plastic bags which one will easily take out and put on shelves. Disadvantages: the plastic skids. Another solution consists in making two or three layers which will be separate each one by a fabric > (cut out at the dimension of the bag or a little larger ; one can thus take out a layer after the other and inevitable research of small-thing-hide-one-do not-know-where will be facilitated. See also " house, to dissimulate", " folding a shirt " and "secure a sunshade" garden.

- Provide some comfortable clothes, no fragile, and a comfortable pair of shoes. Think that you can stain or tear clothing, even for a weekend. "The sweater," even during the great summer in the south (in the evening, the wind ..) can be assessed.
Folding shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, you can arrange half or full suitcase suitcase (the entire surface, reducing clutter and limit wrinkling.

Folding a shirt, pullover or a Tshirt can be conventional or as my technique, which allows wear the clothes without ironing upon arrival (the few wrinkles are inevitable bearable, especially on vacation. "ask"
- Hangers (grouping). They are bulky and mingle at your leisure. Two models have my preference (weight and size), in the "plastic wire" and that "to 2 clips" (plastic body), for skirt and pants, used in shops. To prevent them from mixing, the first may be placed in a pocket folded size and taped, or bundled and tied in three points (string, elastic). Those clips can be grouped by pinching each other. See below

- Shoes, preferably in place of covers, both to protect and to preserve the rest. The shoes can be filled with socks to prevent their collapse.

- Plastic bags. For storage, you can always place them in another larger bag ! or stack them as is, but it's a little mess. One solution is to fold them forming a band which is then tied flat. See photo on put away, tidy (beginning right of the page)..

Car Breakdown , anywhere anytime, in the mountains in the rain by an icy wind at night, a holiday when everything is closed, even the fuel stations, you will be happy to have taken some precautions . We know when we set off, that's all. The worst is always possible.

Before the departure, make the traditional check list : all levels of oil motor, brakes, air condition, windshield washing liquid and tires pressure. check the conventional engine, tires, etc - First aid box and its content : drugs, band, alcohol, aspirin or paracetamol, arnica, alcohol or disinfectant, gauze, bandages, dressings etc..
- Bottle of water and air : think at the young children because they are subject to very quick and severe dehydration. Each year died too much youngsters, grilled in a cabin at 50 degrees or more burt also animals, especially dogs.   -  A survival blanket metallized plastic, and in winter, add a wollen blanket. Let permanently a rain poncho or a garment type Kway.
A bottle of water more for multi usage and a cloth in the trunk for cleaning hands, possible injury, clean the windshield, etc..
- Some cakes or fruit pasta, or a bottle of milk. Unconscious think  that help should be provides anywhere soon. We see thus mothers who haven't even planned for their baby !  At the airport, a young woman asked us if we had an heating bottle.. and another, stopped by the snow, had not even a bottle or water for her baby.
Key remote control. Have the number f keys with you. If the remote does not work with the recipes use - including against the window driver and headed to the sensor (to detect: mirror ..) - remember it is also a conventional key that will open your door as well and will start the engine ! it sounds silly, but I saw a person whose remote key didn't work and thaught to come back house on the bus, while it is sufficient to remove a plastic cap, located in the extension of the handle (a blade, metallic nail file may be necessary). Unless for some cheap model, or at the top luxuous Tesla, this mecanic key were no longer provided. In case of loss , a solution is to use a spare key, reproduced with the original, hidden under the car in an accessible when parked, close to the one side, forward or back, there was a time magnetic boxes for this, but a piece of flexible tube is quite convenient for the bind and protect it. For a couple of person driving far away from home, everyone takes a key.


- Cat Our she-cat miaowed hopelessly during all the way long in the car, even in a cage with open-type screen, one day We were told that it was enough to cover the cage with a blanket (she felt protected better in these particularly difficult moments); may be valid at the hotel or in holiday apartment where these animals can rise some problems (of which at night..).A medic told also it also very important to take "the familiar smells" in the cage with a garment, toy, blanket thy are familiar too.
- Dog ; they can not bear to be left for hours and there are many manifestations of discontent, if not damage and endless barking. So great trouble to be foreseen.

- Hotel and rented flat : If the hotel has a safe available, use this service (additional charges or not). The card is now the most valuable asset. Have you thought about the suspension ? for all the new possibilities and details,to know more  (due to confidentiality but free). The same for keys, papers, jewelry, small objects (cameras etc.)..

Here's what is best to avoid: under the bed, mattress, sheets, linen, behind radiators, tables, in cleaning, toilet flush, the microwave, the containers (flour, pasta..), the toiletry bags, vanity, or in the drawers at the bottom. You can use the suitcase if it is rigid enough (hold the stroke of cutter.) Provided to attach a chain and padlock so that it can not be carried away and made inconvenient to force (attached to the pipes, height, or under the bed, the slats of the bed). Thieves do not like to linger, especially in the hotel.

Young children. Do not let a young child alone as long as happened to friends who had tried to do a bit of beach, the child began to scream and the neighbors called the police, which have all two embarked on their return to abandoned children! they would finally come out well, but difficult and painful. And the risk may be even worse because no one knows what can happen. An insect such as a smothering vomit..

Beach, Sun, Sand..
- Keys (secure). We are always seeking our keys, and nearly obsessed by the risk to losing them. My solution : attach both a long and large brightly colored cord to your set of keys. Some benefits are :
1/ You can see it much better and it makes easier to find it , especially if it dropped or is lost in the streets and even in the sand of the beach,  !
- 2 / We can also attach to his belt and put it in a pocket or attach to your bag. Thus, simply pull the cord. To make it even more visible, make a flange on a portion of its length.

- Secure a sunshade
(gusts of wind) both with your bag too ! Tie a lace on a rib of the sunshade and the other end to a plastic bag filled with sand; while trailing on the ground, it will prevent the sunshade from dangerously circling. Much better, instead of a bag filled with sand, tie the lace to your own shoulder bag !! that will secure it too. Because the thieve won't rush away with your sunshade.

 - Usage of a sunshade. A sunshade is also very helpfull against the wind: lay it down and put some sand on the canvas to seal the gap. Think also that some items, can be nearly hidden under the canvas. A hook a llows to hang glasses, clothing.

- Sunscreen. According to a U.S. study, the sun factor protection of a sunscreen (SPF) is not a real level of protection in the sense we could believe, because it measures a delay in the peal burning. Example : a protection 30 means that the person who blush in 20 minutes would be protected 30 times 20 min, ie 600 min = ten hours. Moreover, the real protection is not against the UV A, for products focusing preferably UV B.

Logically, the filtering effect should be thirty times stronger i.e thirty times more filtering and protective, at least at the beginning, but not at all !!   it won't be : we are buying products more expensive for nothing !

Mental desorder !
Protection 30 protects against redness 30 times longer than without anything. It doesn't filter rays thirty times better.  For example, redness is delayed up to 10 hours, instead of 20 mn, provided you put a thick layer every two hours.
# # # CRAZY CRAZY # # #   It's a nonsense.

 It is indeed advisable to reapply a good layer every two hours (without perspiring or having a bath !), and then do not understand anything at all , since with 30 times, we should be quiet for 10 hours. Find the error. Caution, this product is dangerous : seeking to understand could lead to serious psychiatric disorder.

Last critic against the claims of the labs, the layer must be thick enough, and we are  talking about 28 grams on the body. At that pace, the dispenser won't last long. It turns out that if you apply half the amount, the protection sinks dramaticcally (a 70 plumet to a mere 8.4). What's more, how to calculate with a spray ?
Beyond protection 6, would it be useless ?  20 minutes per 6 are 120mn, time hours before renewal ! logic, isn't it?
Everything would be different if protection would say thirty more filtering. However, protection inflates now up to "100 +", or "total protection", which naturally has no meaning when it must be renewed every two hours at least.   We are buying products more expensive for nothing !

But the last quirk is to read that experts recommend protection thirty and even 50 ? Who is mocking to who if thirty does not filter best than 6, 15 or 25 during the first two hours ?
If a sunscreen can protect longer, surely protects it better at the beginning than another "lower index" ?  for how much ? We would like to hear about that.
And no longer hearing about more than two hours.

Purchase, size of clothes. Best is thus to know your own measurements and it is what I practise. FIRST, you get a small 4x4 ONE meter with your set of keys. The simplest due to its shape, and more bought on holiday, is the T-shirt. Take some that well suits you and note the three dimensions, soulders, pit of arms, height. For example, 50, 60, 70 cm easy to retain. It is better to keep them in a small note, for example in your address book, with two series of figures, minimum and maximum (for example 48, 58, 68cm and 52, 62, 70cm).  So, take the measures both from a nearly too large clothe you get and a rather tight one you wouldn't be beyond these sizes. It is better than plating the Tee-shirt on the back while trying to make it round the chest. With this procedure, impossible to mistake too much. Except problem of the notch which bucket or which is too much tightened, difficulty to be appreciated.

The same principle is applicable to the shirts, plus the collar size, but it is not easy to be measured. A possibility, carrying with you one of these transparent plastic bands which tighten the interior of the collars of shirts; adjust it to your size of neck. Placed in a collar, it will say to you about good dimension. It is an idea, but not very practical because it is necessary to carry it in the bag and it would not have to be folded. May be that will give you better idea.

For trousers, appreciate your size of your favourite by buttoning it and whilestretching it firmly in double thickness, to make play possible elasticity. Grip the waist between your fingers on each side. For example, the value can be 44/46 cm. The width of thigh can be also an indication. Height between legs can be eye appreciated or felt during the trying on.

Ladies, undoubtedly will you find my method curious and incomplete because your requirements are quite different. You certainly will be able to adapt usefully my suggestions. In any event, it would be useful for your husband, who undoubtedly does not like to trying on, if you are thinking at buying him a clothing, you could counter a great disappointments.

Lastly, all that supposes that you have a door keys provided with a half meter, like myself and my family because one often measures many dimensions.

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