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    •  Home kitchen/else; devices, tips/tricks, arrange, tidy, appliances, hygiene/life, decoration, trip
    •  Home environment car, bike, dogs/cats, construction, garden..
    •  DIY Painting, gluing, fix things oneself (of which electricity), usual works, to bond, dismantle, restaure..
    •  Technical PC-Windows and environment, pixels - Photo - practical Electricity (understanding), electromagnetism, special electric motors..
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this page,  information about my own methods, process or achievements

I do not propose here any equipment manufactured, but only useful ideas or gear to be made. Everything really exist and is used at home or even at friends homes.
I affirm the exclusivity of your choice, any comparable idea can only be fortuitous and unknown to me.
My ideas are aimed at a domestic use and nothing should be disclosed without my consent. It's a matter of trust..
Possible conditions are for strictly domestic use (the only direct environment, relatives and friends)

Professional or private people with a commercial thought should better quit or tell me what.


The list     HERE

my references.  You won't find any add I had to reject proposals.
The content of hibis perso ideas should warant itself both my hability and my honesty. "Wild" adaptations have mostly been disappointing (Bosh, Gardena ..).

Bosch rejected my electric tool allegedly without any future, but has finally produced it, then abandoned shortly thereafter. There are other examples including the installation of my hammock, which resulted in something ridiculous that has inevitably collapsed. Ignorance can lead to disaster. Wolfcraft which reward withpricy tools inquire iself (one of my idea was presented to a show in Cologne, written evidence on request). I also filed several patents. I was also received by the sales manager and manufacturing engineer "Kazed" (folding cabinet doors), SIMDA (photo projectors), and prompted a study at Canon in Japan. !!

"Wild" adaptations of my ideas have often only had a disappointing result (individuals, but also Company). Bosch thus rejected my power tool, which they had declared & quot; no future & quot; but to produce it two years after, without success for not having followed my design, and so quickly abandoned. Easy to recognize,they had reproduced on their packaging, all the use cases that I planned, one of which, unusual! For not having contacted me. Gardena made the same mistake for his garden hose reel, my proposal being left without answer (their product is good - it's about mine - but suffers from unnecessary complications that have pushed up the selling price.) Also abandoned by his imitator.
A pale interpretation of my hammock installation resulted in something ridiculous that inevitably collapsed.
The claim can lead to disaster. Wolfcraft , who only rewarded me with prize-winning tools, presented one of my ideas at a Cologne fair (written proof on request).
I was received by the Sales Manager & nbsp; of " Kazed (folding doors) & quot; Manufacturing engineer interested, but Director hesitant hesitant.
the engineer "manufacturing" Simda (photo projectors), a manufacturer of paint accessories (reported at the beginning), and I raised a feasibility study at Canon General Management, Japan. Too bold, because for a simple turnaround, my idea calls into question all the symmetry of the camera.
By honesty, I only quote those who have found it useful to respond favorably to my interview request, and have received me. Believe me, it's already good.