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this page,  Bodycare, well being, dietetic, illness

Bodycare (belt, sizes) - Body attitude, exercising, yoga. - Dietetic (don't spend useless, food oneself)

Body care
Ladies, made like this artist does : she does not use any basic colored powder, or less, but she uses moderately self tan milks to get good dye. However, on certain spots of the body, hollows, joints, one put more or less selftan and the effect is sometimes surprising, with stains. Here is an easy way from this person, used in my family: mix selftan milk with moisturer milk. The distribution will be much better. The choice of the proportions belongs to yourself.

- As for the thighs size (do not know for the stomach), do not believe too much all these beauty institutes with their "scientist equipment" that suck, vibrate, ray or so ; because they are very expensive and the so called scientist approach not very sure at all ; How impressive are they, of course and serious they seem !! ; here is the point ; from a TV French test : among all of them, only one gain centimetres enough : the cheaper, the human technique, to be made by oneself after learning, because whatever the system, nothing last and you must practice again and again. What is this unveiled human technique ? some mere specific massages from a physiotherapist. (don't know his name but you can try to put up the question).

Comfort of the belly. Does come an event and you must slip inside your 5 year old beautiful trousers or skirt a little tight? Need a little ease after the meal, here is an easy solution, with a nurse pin.. Right hand photo

Movements and standing of the body
Lifting a heavy weight with arms stretched exerts an increrible force on our vertebrae, several hundred pounds, which may be sufficient to break a meniscus (and unfortunately wedge permanently the nerves that leave the spine). Therefore, avoid the outstretched arms or round back if the weight is important. Loading a car trunk imposes this tension and we are to be cautious doing that. To lift a load, it is advisable not to bend the vertebrae spine over, but bend instead the knees keeping the back straight up. This obliges us to bring the charge against the body to limit any door overhang. To carry it, we can also help with our stomach pushed forward, which participate in the effort.

Yoga. A very nice exercise, short and simple once the suppleness gained. The sun salutation, is the basic exercise of the physic yoga (not spritual at all), which provides suppleness, strength and general balance of the body and spirit.
Mandatory : any yoga exercise is caraterized by the respiratory rhythm, in full duration with the movement (begins and ends with him), the slowness of the movement, very controlled (5 to 10 seconds) and finally by the mental concentration on the movement performed (constant awareness of what is done). Never force until the pain (going further forward each time). If not, it's only gymnastics.
- 1 / feet flat on the ground rather close each other; let arms dangling and make several slow, deep breaths. 
- 2 / breathe in slowly and taking up arms upward, with a slightly arched position. We pull up to the ceiling like to grow up without lifting the heels (when possible only). Inspiration ends with..
- 3 / exhale slowly while bending the torso and stretch the arms down to catch the toes, knees unfolded !  Straighten up slowly while inspiring. Pause a few seconds, arms dangling. 
- 4 / move the right leg forward, bending the knee and place both hands on the ground: by pushing on the arms, pull the left leg back and arch up the head. Back and repeat with the left leg. This position is not visible on the string of pictures and should be inserted between the numbers 4 and 5 like the red line I have qdded on the 5th picture.
- 5 / the two legs stretched back together (in black this time), bend down the arms when exhaling, both hands put down in front of you. Inspiring, then straighten the arms again (push-ups)
- 6 / shoulders backward, buttocks pointing up, push on the arms and arching up the head 
- 7 / advance the body supported by your arms, without touching the ground (touch on the picture), and arc the body at the waist (like dogs stretching). Breathing in, go back by straightening the posterior.
- 8 / Sit the buttocks on your heels, chest lying horizontally on the thighs, arms hanging back relaxed. Gradually, you will adapt each movement to your body while maintaining the basic principles: full end slow movements (stretching max), no movements aborted before feeling any discomfort too pronounced.

- We don't do yoga without preparing oneself physically and mentally, there is no yoga ruled rhythmically on the edge of a swimming pool !

PS. My strengths; We followed the course of a good teacher for many years and continue some basic movements. I was very skeptical, accompanying my wife and I joked that said the teacher be able to lose weight or gain weight. It was a bit strong, but carrying the vast majority of women present. Under these provisions, you can really believe what I say now, you warned against those who practice yoga gymnastics mass in all circumstances. The true yoga, each following its possibilities and its own pace, even progress. And stop some exercises that may not be appropriate or not to agree one day (it happened). Three facts that marked me and I did not think I've become stronger and without pain (especially when working in the roof of my house), I have reduced chronic low back pain and a brown spot at the bottom of kidney has disappeared, I got up in the morning to work fresh and available, a clear mind when I was deemed a true zombie before! It is this last point that really impressed me.

Physio. Relax the entire chain from dorsal muscle feet to the base of the skull.
Put yourself on the back, legs up vertically against a door by bringing gradually the buttocks as close as possible, straight legs drawn up tight. It pulls all along, and we feel! nothing new you say, if the novelty here is an American who found it took at least 6 minutes for the chain to relax gradually, starting from the neck (the signals are transmitted and it takes time ). The physio French do not know (except the one who told us one day) and of course, that does not interest them. We practice at home and did the "unlocked" (stiffness = pain) many times. Wait if too strong crisis (in principle, we do not want).

Physio.  Straighting up the column.
Upright position : rock the pelvis forward, that is to say buttocks pushed forward, belly going backward (position said by Polynesian dancing the Tamouri, "pushes the banana), opposite of usual lef let to go floppy standing, buttocks backward and belly forward.  Horizontal head - looking straight away at eye level - neck pulled backward sharply to bring up a nice double chin (you can hear creaks vertebrae), relaxed shoulders down (if you can!). Remember to take this position most often, in all circumstances, at least in tilting the pelvis slightly and pulling the neck back without looking up.


In the following words, see no pretense of medical diagnosis or  miraculous treatment, but new facts, and information that may help.

- Cancer (brain). A miracle drug sold on the internet can help or mislead, as well as placebos perfectly legal and usually prescribed. A friend affected by this terrible disease believed to be cured - at an exorbitant cost - and so we were thinking too. In such cases the money, if one has enough, may seem secondary. A complete remission make we believe: in all, his will, his hopes, the  complementary internet sold drug also. Unfortunately, relapse sneak threw his black veil.

- Cancer (in general) and chemotherapy. I read long ago that American doctors removed any meat for people with serious cancers. The idea of a person on treatment seems to support a form of deprivation, in this case followed a diet for a fortnight or three weeks before each period of treatment with chemotherapy. I quote from memory : "very affected, I thought I was dying and was going to stop the ordeal of this chemo. Then I had this idea of trying what I had vaguely heard, the diet. It saved me".
Don't know what to think about that because Internet miracles are not sure at all. And if true, I supposeIt ll all depends of the cancer kind. for example, a cancer can extend it's own veins array to succ all ernergy around it need to grow, and the person goes feable and feable ! No way to think at another privation more, chemiotherapy adding its own disaster.

Cleavage of vessels around the tumor - necrosis - is sometimes practiced (without cancer metastasis, without danger for another organ).

- Dietetic; food and modes.
An item of Sciences and Avenir (09 2004) quotes two different visions for a balanced feeding: the model of Okinawa and the French model. You can adapt them to other ways of feeding. The pyramidal Okinawa model aims at filling the stomach by reducing the caloric intake: 4 groups are defined; the first and the second gather food having to constitute the 3/4 of a meal: milk of soya, vegetables, fruits, algae, mushrooms, soups, germs of bean, then sweet potatoes, pastes, white fish, dry vegetables, crustacean, low fat yoghourts. The third and last groups include: bread, mashed potatoes, chickpea, fatty fish, lean meat, then oils, chocolate, cakes, cheeses, nuts,  rich in grease and low in water.
The pyramidal French model encourages the consumption of farinaceous food and starchy foods: five groups are defined; the first and the second include: bread, cereals, potatoes, fried (..), then fruit and vegetables (at least 5 per day). The third and the fourth levels include: dairy produces, meats, fish, poultries, eggs, then oils, butter, margarine, cream. The last level refers to sugar: drinks (fruit juice, cola), chocolate, pastry makings, creams.

It would be necessary to add "underhand" food to it, as the energy bars Mars kind, the candies, the chewing-gum (sweetened), the cacahuets and other hazel nuts as well as the small fatty or sweet things coming along with aperitifs. Let us note that nobody speaks about the wine, however recommended for health in reasonable quantity. It is true that the English and especially the Scot recommend the whisky, whereas the Moslems proscribe any alcohol !

hibis's point ; the food practices are different but I believe that it would be necessary to try to reproduce the advice of Okinawa with French food or food of your country (it is our culture). Notice that tops of the two pyramids resemble each other. For French, depriving of bread would reinforce eating some other food perhaps more energetic, but I believe that our good "French fries" should not appear in the first level !  To me, the concept of Okinawa better meets the physiological needs : not to be hungry by filling the belly with food not to much nutritive, while adding a small quantity of nutritive food.

The sugar, which answers an immediate muscular effort or a small momentary weakness, must be reduced at mean; on this point, the medical profession seems agreeing; after having from time immemorial declared that sugar is bad for the dogs (and another animals), they admit that now it is the same for the man. Slow sugars (pastes) will thus be preferred, just as greases (oil, butter) in quantity reasonable because the body works to transform them or store them. In all cases, sweetens and greases together (it is the best), must be looked with mistrust, at least for a daily three meals. Do not deprive too much but avoid large chunk of butter covered with a thick layer of jam (it is an image, but smaller quantities cumulated throughout the day are to be identified and supervised). Do not spend your money in useless diet concept, the benefit is not for you. A person got by force to a severe diet said to me, there is no mystery : when one does not eat any more, one loses weight !  those which do not lose weight and saying that they are deprived, are lying to themselves.
One very well get pleasure from time to time and if one does a little up and down in a reasonable weight fork, it is well because one can already not go too far.

A reasonable solution is to eat without much deprived in the choice, but severely limiting the amount most of the time. As already noted, may befilled with vegetables to stop feeling hungry.
Let us add that a physical activity without excess, like long walks along with bicycle ride if one can, are sufficient (not the sorrow to suffer on machines one hour per week or to run like insane if one get a certain age). By making sport in room, one can improve his musculature but it is all. While going of a good elastic rhythmic step, with arm in balance, all the body and all the bodies take part in it. Moreover, the "pump of blood", placed under the foot helps to irrigate the top of the body. Walk consumes much more energy than the bicycle, at least in flat place, less brutally, while being very complete (one was conceived for that).

A new American study, more radical, would come to confirm this position but with drastic restrictions: only one meal (to satiety) per day the evening, without breakfast (or with a drop of tea or coffee?) a study is in hand but according to the author of the method, the trembling legs disappear quickly and one gain a superb health without thinking of eating; one loses weight and the cholesterol level drops. This study follows observation of rats: those which ate everyday were less wealthy than those which ate every two days, the quantity of food being equal in volume and quality for the two groups. Comment : one approaches the animal life, the meals are consequent but not frequent and the bodies know phases of rest whereas with all our three meals a day, one is always in phase of digestion, charged like a battery!
The detractors will be those which claim that a light meal is better for the supper. I am not persuaded of it. A risk which is not evaluated with these modes: the family if not marital conflict !

Coincidence. We had some days with friends who have construction works done on their property: their mason, a Spanish, do not eat at noon and work for 10 hours a day at least (in the evening after a long day, and nearly never stops excepted half an hour at noon for a short apere   tif. After that, he'll sometimes see a client  20 km far away at night.
He all does everything himself and I saw him almost hopping while carrying his two buckets of concrete at 100 meters ! you have to see absoluteley incredible. He doesn't eat at noon ; he says he feels much better than if he would ate. I was delighted to see for the first time in my life that theory applied. I forgot one detail, he is 55 years old and go to dance the tango on Sunday in a club. A case !

We just try our first day without lunch, just a coffee, but with a normal French lunch. Everything went well and we were able to work without a stomach weight after a meal. But we must deal with and it's easier for someone who is working and occupied. For us, elderly pensioners, there no justification and it is much more difficult. The following days we only had a sandwich. I think we'll do it again from time to time, and my wife is thrilled ..finally quiet and nothing to prepare ! for the moment ! 

Finally, being retired without to much work, we practice that only occasionnaly.

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