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This page,  Photography - camera, camcorder 

Photos (exposure, contrast, setting)    Digital video camera (making a film)


  basic elements. see in French for more details (translate with Google or Deepl.

- A fast speed (400 ASA and more means contrasts will be accentuated ; for a shot with 50 % of white sand, the sea and the sky will be probably very dark. Avoid the difficulty by reducing the part of sand, while lowering for example, or by seeking a shaded element to include (straw hut...). If you have the possibility, over-expose a little and take two or three photographs with + 1/2 diaphragm each (bracketing).

For a shot under the shade it will be will the reverse and the sea-and-sky distant ground will be very clear (it is necessary to under-expose slightly). Another possibility, if your camera has a blocking exposure setting : aim the apparatus towards an intermediate zone and preserve this medium setting (but very often, camera have only a blocking focus setting). If you take a photograph of somebody in a back-light (somebody in the shade and the background luminous) also over-expose at least one diaphragm more if you can. Another solution consists in "forcing the flash" (yes, in full day !), to "" the character (simple camera generally cannot. They can be set in the flash mode, but that is not appropriate, because a flash lights up only one small surface and in a radius of only three/four meters approximately).

  Digital video camera.

batteries : its the big problem because they seem to have a rather short lifespan and they are too expensive. It is always when you catch something interesting that the battery fall flat. If you can renew the shooting, wait 10 minutes at least and you will be able to film some a few seconds more. I experienced this situation several times and I was able to get a few images or at least a still picture, which can be inserted in the film to come (see "film assembly" hereafter); one can even start again several times, because the battery regenerated a little itself regularly.

Making the filminopportune noise (motor, cry) : cut out the sequence, remove the sound or put it at null.
Get a sound track on a nearby sequence (background noise etc), drop it (with the good length) in replacement.

2 / Interesting but too short sequences : copy the said too short sequence, paste it once or twice ; you will thus have a repetition as you can see sometimes on the TV ! !

3 / Interesting but unusable shorter sequence
: choose the best sight and make a photograph (it will last as long as you want, 10 seconds or more ; add a suitable background noise> (see inopportune noise) ; you will be able to discover and admire what was an unusable view ! !.

4 / Insert a photograph in your film : choose your photograph, reframe it with a software ("Paint" of Windows if you dont have any), focus and enlarge on a detail if necessary resize to the size of the camcorder/camera HD or not shoting, (former TV screen size 720 * 576 pixels). Orcopy it and paste it on another suitable dimensioned background. (if the photograph obtained cannot be dimensioned). Coloured background : this "new" page can be given a suitably coloured background. Then, select all , name the whole project and store it (modify the the name to avoid the lost of the original one).

5 / Short explanations, legends on a photograph : when putting a photograph in the film, or making a transition effect (see below), one can add some short words by using the title system, so one can put a name on a flower or a remote village...If you can spend a little of your time, lay out the words on the screen so that they are placed near the desired element (it is necessary to adjust the size of the letters. Start at the top because any modification will involve the shift of all that is written below !! but that is worth the sorrow. One can also put the legends using a software and store the photo.
6 / Transition effects : One clicks on a pictograms and it is easy, but think further to choose the right one. For example : if you make a slide towards the right with a clip which arrives moving towards the left, the effect will be awkward, just as a transition cutting a face in two parts ! In the doubt, the dissolve remains the best. Transition by colors : how to improve it ? by the dissolve on a color : place 2 to 3 seconds of a color on the video track, not too aggressive (clear or on the contrary dark for a shift of place or another day). Make preferably the color yourself, according to dominant sights that you to leave or on the contrary that arrive ; place a transition dissolve before the color and another after, each of 1 or 1,5 second so that they completely cover the duration of the the color. Transition by photograph: if the clip to which the transition relate is too short (personally that often arrives to me because I take many small sequences (details, people, animals...). Take the best photograph from the end of the sequence and add it at its end ; place the transition (1 to 2 seconds), of your choice afterwards ; the transition will cover now the photograph and no longer the too short clip. Add now a background sound taken on the end of your sequence to avoid the silence of the photograph.

7 : Making a film : Once the first try-out of the movie finished, many final improvements are to be made and if one works on a too long film, each remaking by the software taking a prohibitory time. Make first short clips of 15 mn each for instance ("vacation1.MP4", "vacation2.MP4", "vacation3.MP4"..) and work them as long as you need, then assemble them afterwards.

If the message "disc full, lack of memory" appear while making a long film (too small disc, or full), you must first of all delete all the useless job stream files (xy.MP4 or mpg or else), because all the fragments of cutting could be kept and there are perhaps heaps of them to seek, including in the files "temp" (make a research *. tmp) ; look at them and delete all you never need again, then empty the basket too ! !. Possibly, unfragment the hard disc.

A sunshade... for the eyes ! It is sometimes difficult to see something on the screen, specially in open day and shining sun. The screen visor sunshade for a video camera makes it possible to see when one can see anything at all. Make a test by putting a cap above the screen or what you can get, a paperboard or else ; you can also cut out a sheet of thick plastic which you will take with you in your bag. You will be convinced, so you have only to add a grip !

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