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This page: decoration ideas, embellish, conceal..  
Decorations carried out with stuck paper ; you can use your cuttings (magazines, catalogues..), but thin napkins paper is more appropriate (while splitting it) ; there is a large choice in shops of arts and decoration. The adhesive is sold there too (varnish-adhesive).

Holds very well outside, even exposed at sun and rain (pots of flowers were thus decorated with balneal patterns).

Speciality hibis Mme, fresh flowers petals pasted.

Fresh rounded flowers are plated directly on pots or sheets of paper with a varnish-glue ; some colors fades quickly, especially in outside (roses..) while others are tougher (violets, forget me not..) ; they should sometimes be cut or crushed a little.
Those are still in good state months later.
 If the colors do not hold, think that you have a natural form, in relief, which can be tinted, it will always have a certain charm.

Thus the forget me not, top left, was refreshed with an enamel painting.

Paintings and framings positioning  (seems in skew).

1/ To adjust verticality, made a plumbline with a wire (at least a meter) and a nut, small scissors or what you have (the nut or scissors don't touch the wall). To keep the setting, stick a piece of non-skid mat to the bas of the framework so that it presses on the wall ; or stick a small detachable adhesive-cement patch (for paper). 2/ the frame is now right but because of the surrounding objects, of the slope of a ceiling (mansard-roofed) or for any reason difficult to understand, you may have the impression that your table is still in skew ! ! do not take again the plumbline and believe what you see and adjust the frame so that it seems well positioned, because it is necessary to deal with ; ask another person. We live in a world where all is relative (point out this faintness that you had in the train or in the car when another starts beside you...(some circumstances even make deform our retina, but it is another subject).

These paintings, or alas more precisely their pictures, have been sent to me by a friend of mine from the web. What I know among her works is both strange and captivating.
I finally named them The glances of the Virginie's world.

Christiane's house (France)  
A large pot of pourpier covers entirely this old round table.


 These very simple shelves are dressed with a fabric which dissimulates the wall ; hang down on the front. Painting of the frames matched.

Pots filled with seeds and vase of flowers made out of egg paperboard ! (see on the right). 
These flowers of paperboard are cut out from eggs boxes plates which separate layers of them (shops, hypermarkets).
the cutting out produces a shape of tulip with 4 petals. It is then necessary to soak the tips in the purpose to  bend them easily. One puts two of them one in the other and one furnishes the bas with small seeds, pips or pearls. Put an iron stem and paint.

The Captain's garden. The capatain is retired for long. As a hobby, he is arranging some modest ornaments. Say that everywhere he's gone, he got up stones of any sizes, cobbles, sand, ropes. Fishing nets also. he teach us some knots, in the page immobilize. Have a nice day, Capitain..

A flower corner quickly achieved with a square exotic wooden plate, bound together (50 cm each) posed on bricks.

These small cobbles will be better displayed, easily removed for transfer or washing.

Here they are simply laid on a concrete plate framed with big cobbles.

 The pieces of wood is quickly decayed outside. First of all, dont set it in contact with the earth. On can possibly white it with some white paint spread with a rag, what give it a natural aspect. Primarily remove spoiled or rooted parts and moist the ends with a mix of water and aotside wood glue or Rustol Owatrol (product for rust and paints).
> fishing net globe of glass, sealed with silicon after filled in with what you like .

Exotic atmosphere
I invite you to see > la serre >(Nouméa, 1999) > in >"hibis color="#0671F2">- Islands and lagoons", page bottom

>My Bamboo has unusual cuts (head and flowers), offers a day decorations - absent on the original - with different colors when lit!


>Large bambous.are still rare. Possibility to achieve the decor in a nice wood panel with added sides to hide the lighting..

to be asked for cuts and process day / night, more ambient lighting side.


A bamboo "dry" of a good diameter makes- illusion put in front of a true clump of bamboo "controled" with a couple of beltst.

COLOR="#0000AF"> > COLOR="#0000AF"> - > Plastic bags > wrapped with one or two colorful wide ribbons and bows). If you buy wine preserved inside 3 or 5 liters cardboard boxes, keep the cardboard for your storage or package and also the plastic bag which is Inside. Once inflated, it will become a cushion to read lying on the sand or in the garden, but a decorating item for the tree or something else because these bags, usually metallic,are rather smart once trimmed with a nice colorful bow. brique

> I saw a gardener who cuts trees like doggies with bare parts, making appear balls and other shapes. More simply, if you have a weeping tree, a birch tree like this here, give it some duvets tighten bundles of branches. This give light and space to pass through. At the time of  holidays, add some colored bows.

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